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Is the FasTrack Divorce® Process Right For You?

FasTrack Divorce® is right for you if both you and your spouse:
• are ready emotionally, and financially to get the divorce;
• want an economical and streamlined model to work through your divorce;
• want the process to be efficient and timely;
• are able to organize your financial information easily and efficiently;
• have assets that are readily-ascertainable, and no reasonable concerns about fraudulent conduct of the other spouse;
• are responsive and respectful towards a timeline;
• are not in major disagreement surrounding parenting;
• are open to mediation and willing to submit to binding arbitration;
• want to reach an agreement outside of the court system;
• can have respectful conversations regarding your issues with the assistance of an attorney.

FasTrack Divorce® is probably not a good option for you and your spouse if:
• there are restraining orders in place, or either of you feels the need for restraining
orders or has domestic violence concerns;
• either of you feels intimidated by the other party to the extent that it would impair your ability to negotiate fairly;
• either of you does not really want the divorce and would like to stall the process;
• either of you fears that your spouse has hidden assets or been untruthful;
• either of you is afraid of proceeding too quickly for any reason;
• the level of animosity between you would prohibit efficient settlement negotiations and you are unwilling to work with a divorce coach.

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