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FasTrack Divorce encourages successful co-parenting after the marriage has ended.

Going To Bat For Your Ex? Why?
Posted: 04/02/2013 1:26 am Huffington Post
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Debating Divorce Reform: A Family Affair

In an online debate on the New York Times’ Opinion page, lawyer Beverly Willet and journalist Vicki Larson discuss the pros and cons of divorce reform. Willet advocates the Coalition of Divorce Reform’s Parental Divorce Reduction Act, whose goal is to reduce unnecessary divorce. Willet writes, “America’s current approach to divorce is mired in a 1970s pessimistic and erroneous assumption that it isn’t possible to save distressed families.”

Vital Personal Qualities of Your Legal Counselor

by Joseph Warren Kniskern

Finding the right lawyer is critical to making life less traumatic during a divorce. You must feel comfortable with and trust whoever is going to represent you. If someone does not inspire confidence, then keep looking. Seeking a competent lawyer is not enough. Consider the personal qualities your lawyer should have before you start interviewing candidates.

Virtual communication makes co-parenting easier...but not easy.

In previous blog posts, we have addressed the dangers and complications of technology in divorce cases. Venting about your ex via social media can come back to haunt you in more ways than one.

This article from The New York Times examines the benefits of technology in co-parenting situations. It describes how virtual communication is easing the pain for exes. Thanks to modern advances, swapping schedules and making plans for the kids isn't the nuisance it was in previous decades.

Get Informed About Custody Disputes

Custody disputes are extremely complicated. Before you jump into a bitter, time-consuming custody trial, it's important to get informed about its various components. This instructive article from The Huffington Post explains the difference between legal and residential custody, different options for custodial time-splits, and what factors judges consider in making their rulings. Learn the nuances of sole- and joint-custody. Consider creative agreement possibilities before you leave the final decision in the hands of a stranger. Educate yourself and take control! Start here:

Social Media and Divorce Don't Mix

In this recent article from the Huffington Post divorce blog, divorce attorney Jason Marks raises an increasingly pertinent point: divorce + social media = disaster.

Divorce responsibly. Don't put the kids in the middle.

Susie Orbach, a columnist for The Observer, recently posted a new piece titled, "In messy divorces, somebody has to be grown up and it's not the children."

Orbach describes the devastation of separation and urges divorcees to avoid extreme feelings of hate and rage. She believes individuals can minimize pain and suffering if they make a conscious decision to act responsibly. That means taking the moral high ground, shifting out of attack mode, and looking out for the welfare of one's children.

Hear Radio Interview With FasTrack Divorce® Co-Founder Virginia A. Leen

Tune in to Suddenly Single, on KKNW 1150 AM on Tuesday, September 25th, 2012, at 8:00 a.m., to hear Host Linda Stubblefield, C.D.F.A., interview FasTrack Divorce co-founder Virginia Leen.

So you want to go to court? Think again.

This week, we're sending you back to Huff Post's divorce blog where collaborative lawyer M. Marcy Jones warns about the perils of divorce litigation.

The Dignified Divorce: 5 Questions to Consider

In a recent Huffington Post article, family law expert Lubov Stark offers five questions to ponder to help keep your divorce from turning ugly. Stark asks you to reconsider your frustration from new angles, and examine the effect of your ego on your children's well-being.

FasTrack Divorce simplifies the divorce process, but even the simplest separations are traumatizing for children. Spend a few moments perusing this article and reflect on ways to protect your children by minimizing negative emotions.

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