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FasTrack Divorce® - How Does it Work?

The First Step: First, you and your spouse will each pick an attorney from the list of attorneys on the FasTrack Divorce® website. All attorneys on the list agree to adhere to the standard uniform fee structure. Each of you will set up an initial consultation with your attorney to discuss your needs and to begin preparing for your case. You will receive a packet of forms to determine the nature and extent of assets, debts and living expenses, and, if you have children, you will receive additional questionnaires about parenting issues. You are expected to complete these forms and provide documents and information promptly and the pace of the process will be set by when they are complete.

Second Step: The First Four-Way Meeting. The first meeting should last two to three hours with both parties and both attorneys present. At this meeting, you and your spouse will identify agreements and non-agreements and will discuss your interests and negotiate towards the beginning of a settlement.

Interim Step: The attorneys will draft and file your case with the Court. The State of Washington requires a 90 day "cooling off" period upon filing. The earliest you can finalize your divorce is after 90 days.

Third Step: Mediation. At this stage, you and your spouse have now hopefully reached agreements on some issues, but there are still remaining issues to work through and the mediator will assist in reaching final agreements. The amount of time for the mediation will depend upon how many issues and how complex the issues are.

Interim Step: If you have reached agreement on all issues at the end of either the first four-way meeting/or the mediation, the attorneys will coordinate the drafting of the necessary documents to file and finalize your case.

Fourth Step: Arbitration. If you and your spouse have reached impasse on any issues necessary to finalize your case, at this step, the mediator will then act as an arbitrator and will make a final decision on any issues that you were unable to agree upon.

* Then the attorneys will draft your final documents and will enter the final documents with the Court.

* Washington State public policy mandates that the Court retains jurisdiction over the parenting plan issues in the best interests of the children.

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