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Standard Uniform Fee Structure

Under the uniform standardized fee structure, all attorneys will bill at the same hourly rate. Each party will have an individual retainer agreement with his or her own attorney, and the attorney will keep the retainer in a client trust account and provide monthly statements of the billing activity.

While each case is different, if you and your attorney decide to proceed with a FasTrack Divorce®, the goal will generally be to keep the attorney's billable time to under 20 hours, absent unusual facts or circumstances. You can be confident that both attorneys are committed to this goal and to uniformity of billing and fees. Based on years of experience with non-complex, out-of-court divorces, 20 hours of attorney time will generally be sufficient to see a divorce through to completion. This estimate assumes that both of the clients follow all directives of the attorneys in a timely and thorough manner, and fully and accurately disclose the facts and circumstances of the case.

Please contact a FasTrack Divorce® attorney for more specific fee information. Will there be additional costs?

In some cases, attorneys may recommend that the client or family should have additional support for parenting or financial issues or that a divorce coach would facilitate the settlement process. We will refer you to these other professionals and this fee will be arranged with that professional, and is not part of the attorney-client fee arrangement. These professionals may include: divorce coaches, child specialists and Certified Financial Divorce Advisors.

Is there anything that will cause the attorney to exceed the estimated billing time?

Yes. This fee arrangement works because both parties commit to full and prompt disclosure of all assets and debts, and any other relevant information. Failure to do so may cause the attorney to incur additional time to obtain necessary information, and/or out-of-pocket costs such as subpoenas and investigators.

Are there any other fees?

Yes, the court filing fee for the Petition will be paid ½ by each side. Other additional filing and administrative fees, such are recording of real estate documents, will be in addition to the hourly fees.

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